Tantric Outcall Massage Mexico City


sensual massage mexico city

At Art Massage CDMX we are experts with almost a decade dedicated to bringing erotic massage to the level of luxury, only for the most demanding men and women. Meet our erotic masseuses, they are specialists in making your most pleasant dreams come true. You can discover the paradise of sensations right now with an erotic massage in Mexico City, in your hotel or spa.

If you are thinking about whether the services include massage with a happy ending, the answer is no. That’s for men who settle for a simple relief, and you want something better, something within the reach of a few. That’s why the end of the rituals is a lingam massage for men and a yoni massage for women.

If you want a massage in your hotel or home, do not worry about anything more than booking your appointment. The masseuse will go to your hotel with total discretion, 24h (by appointment). Taxi costs are included in Distrito Federal.

Relaxing massage (non-erotic)

This is a relaxing therapeutic massage, that is, to relax body and mind with natural oils. It is done on a massage table and the masseuse is fully clothed during the massage. It is not an erotic massage and has no happy ending.

Delicious Tantra Massage

In this massage the tantra masseuse will be half-naked and does a tantric massage with her hands. It is a receiver massage, so it is not allowed to touch the masseuse in this category of massage.

Body to body massage

body-to-body massage

Here you are already in a top level erotic massage. Although the masseuse will be topless throughout the massage, she will use her hands and body to stimulate you with a lot of sensuality. Let him dance on you with the body to body massage while you caress his soft skin. The caresses will be mutual as the excitement rises, as the tantric postures of the Kama Sutra rise in intensity. Run through your masseuse’s body (except the genital area). If you want something special, you can order the prostate massage, it is included.

Exclusive Deluxe Massage

All the luxury and exclusivity you can find in an erotic massage is concentrated in this massage. A beautiful masseuse completely naked throughout the massage, an erotic shower, extreme sensuality from the first minute and the most elaborate lingam massage you will ever feel. Tantric postures and nuru massage become so erotic that you won’t know what’s happening to your body, although you’ll undoubtedly like it.

Four-hand massage

There’s only one better than one of our masseurs, and that’s two! Yes, two masseuses, two bodies and four hands exclusively for you. Two experts in the art of pleasure dedicated to your body, exploring the most erogenous zones carefully, letting you taste the sweet heat that will invade your body. This experience is for the bravest and most demanding men, who are not content with the same as the rest and wish to reach a peak that few have reached.

Tantric massage for couples in CDMX

Let’s be honest, the couple routine is something that sooner or later gets to the best of relationships. Erotic massage for couples gives you an opportunity to experience together new ways of enjoying your sexuality. The Tantric masseurs of Art Massage CDMX are specialized in massage for couples, they know how to adapt to you respecting your limits, and accompanying you in a pleasure trip that you can share together.

You can choose a masseuse for both of you or a couple of masseurs, in this way you will share the experience each with a female masseuse or male masseur.
In addition to the massage, you can also learn to give yourself a tantric massage in one of the tantric massage courses that our qualified professional masseuses can give you.

VIP Services

If you are a person who is not satisfied with the conventional, you will be interested in our VIP services. An exclusive offer of tantric pleasures that go beyond what an erotic massage or a conventional sex massage can offer you.

These are some of the exclusive possibilities we can offer you:

  • Tantric massage courses in Mexico City and advanced tantra.
  • Tantric private parties.
  • Shows performed by some of the erotic masseurs.
  • Erotic massages in alternative situations and places.

Gay massage in Mexico City

We have gay masseurs for men, true experts in gay tantra massage. Get ready for the best male to male massage from DF, our guys master lingam massage and prostate massage that will make you feel the male G-spot orgasm.

Not all masseuses offer gay massage, find out which is your best choice for this massage. Our goal is that you are completely happy and satisfied, so we will be happy to advise you on your choice.

Erotic massage for women and yoni massage

We have male masseurs for women, specializing in female tantric massage. Heterosexual men who know the secret techniques of tantra and mix them with eroticism. The body to body massage, the erotic postures and the yoni massage combined so that you arrive at the ecstasy and you feel several orgasms like never before you have felt.

Put yourself in the magic hands of our masseur and you will discover the wonders of tantra: the woman’s G-spot orgasm, multiple orgasms or female ejaculation (squirting).

Erotic shower

You can start getting intimate even before the massage, with an erotic shower. Your masseur and you, under hot water, skin on skin, will feel the excitement from the first moment. This delicacy is included in the Exclusive Deluxe Massage, before starting the massage.