Yoni Massage CDMX

yoni massage mexico city

A Yoni Massage is one of the most pleasant sensations for the woman who offers tantric sex. A type of erotic massage for women that has as its main focus the female sex organ for women to experience maximum pleasure and relaxation, without having to reach orgasm.

The word Yoni (योिन ) comes from Sanskrit and means sacred temple as a reference to the vagina. The aim of this massage is to avoid as much as possible any negative energy and to attract positive thoughts. The pleasure that will be generated by carrying out the massage in the most correct way is what will lead the woman to enjoy better sensations.

How to give Yoni Massage

The way to perform Yoni Massage is very simple. The woman lies down on the bed and places a pillow under the waist, with legs open and knees a little bent. The person performing the massage is placed between the legs or kneeling.

Once placed, the masseur pours special oil or lubricant on the mount of venus of the woman and massages little by little until arriving at the external lips, which are massaged upwards and downwards with the thumb and index fingers. The inner lips are then massaged with the same gesture.

The next step is to massage the clitoris and the inside of the Yoni (vagina) with the right hand. The G-spot is massaged in circles, front and back and side to side, while still massaging the clitoris with your thumb.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

The benefits of Yoni Massage not only focus on the strictly sexual, but can also have advantages for women’s health.

On the one hand, it is a type of massage that can reduce pelvic pain. The Yoni Massage passes through the pelvic muscle, both inside and on the surface, making it relieved of tension. That is when it is beneficial for this part of the body, reaching the point of relieving pain in this area.

In addition, this massage is ideal for menstrual cycles and intimate hygiene of women. Not in vain, it is a practice that accelerates the process of self-cleaning to prevent infections.

Finally, Yoni massage is perfect for women to discover themselves and recharge their positive energy. A massage with which to experience pleasure and, at the same time, to diminish the anxiety and stress problems that can occur with everyday tasks.

In short, this female massage is very beneficial for women, but also for the relationship in general. A type of sexual massage that seeks to awaken the woman’s self-awareness and heal her body. Because, despite feeling an intense pleasure and multiple orgasms, this is not really its end.

Book your Yoni Massage in Mexico City with one of our expert male masseurs in tantric massage for women, or with one of our erotic masseurs, you will discover a new universe of pleasurable sensations throughout your body.