Erotic Massage CDMX

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At Art Massage CDMX we take great care of the level of our masseurs so that you can enjoy a unique and exclusive experience, within the reach of a few. We are not satisfied with being a good luxury erotic massage agency, we are only satisfied with your satisfaction, that makes us the best tantric massage agency in Mexico City.

We do an exhaustive selection process to find the most beautiful girls and those who have better training in sensual massage. You will be surprised what you can enjoy with one or more of our masseurs.

Surely you’ve heard of tantric massage and its divine pleasures, now it’s time to let all your senses soak up. If you surrender to the trained hands of the tantric masseurs or male masseurs in CDMX, they will surrender with passion to the massage. They master tantra techniques for men, lingam massage, and tantra for women, yoni massage.

For daring couples, you can raise the level of your relationship and enjoy an erotic for couples. As a couple, you will share the complicity and pleasures of tantric massage with a masseuse for both and one for each.

We understand that you can have varied tastes and feel attracted by various types of girls, that’s why we offer you a great selection of luxurious erotic masseuses: young girls, elegant, blondes, brunettes, redheads, and whatever style you prefer. You’ll want to try massages with all of them!

Tantric Massages in Mexico City

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All the erotic outcall massages of the agency have been prepared by our Tantric teachers. Each massage is unique and will make you feel different degrees of pleasure.

You have the possibility to choose the type of Indian massage that best suits you and the desire to enjoy that you have. We will gladly advise you to choose the receiver or interactive massage, in which you can caress the body of the masseuse while she stimulates your erogenous zones before reaching the massage lingam (happy ending for men) or yoni massage (happy ending for women).

Your masseur will attend you at the Mexico City Erotic Massage Center, and will also go to your hotel or home. Always with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Erotic Masseuses in CDMX

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To be part of the Art Massage CDMX team, masseurs must be trained by our tantric master and become experts in tantric massage for men, women and couples. We dedicate a lot of time and effort in selecting the therapists and giving them the highest level of erotic and tantric massage courses that can be found in Mexico.

In addition to physical beauty and professionalism, we only incorporate people of great human quality into the Art Massage CDMX family. Only a sensitive person will understand what you need during the massage, and will know how to take you to feel several orgasms that you have never felt before.

We are available 24 hours a day by appointment for sensual massage at a hotel or at home.

Male Masseurs in Mexico City

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If you are looking for a male masseur expert in erotic massage for men or tantra massage for women, you have finally found your place. All the men we have have attended tantric and erotic massage workshops, in which some have learned men’s massage or gay massage, and others have learned women’s and couples’ massage.

We recommend you to enjoy a massage session with our male masseurs, they know how to take you to heaven with the sensual touch of their hands. Tantric therapists who give gay massage know the male body and the most erogenous corners.

Tantra in Mexico City: lingam massage and yoni massage

How many times have you heard of tantra? Surely some of these times you have thought to try it, perhaps to try or to experience that world of new sensations that the erotic massage can give you. Maybe you have imagined a tantric masseuse, naked, running your body with his hands, and you in a state of total ecstasy.

With one of our experts in tantric massage you will discover that the limits of the pleasure you know are far from the paradise of sensations you can reach. If you are a man you will be given a finished male massage with the secret techniques of lingam massage. And if you are a woman you will be given a female massage which will end with a yoni massage. In either case, intense orgasms and unique sensations are guaranteed.

To work as a tantric masseuse in our luxury agency, therapists must attend professional tantra massage courses. Our tantra instructor Gerard Ribó is known in several countries where he gives training and tantric massage. CDMX masseurs are prepared to give quality massages, and we classify them in three levels, according to their level of training:

  • Initiates (have taken the basic tantra and tantric massage courses)
  • Advanced (already prepared to give tantric massage and give erotic massage courses)
  • Devis (qualified to give massage and give tantric massage courses)

We differentiate ourselves in the excellence and quality of the service we offer you. Being good is not enough, you deserve the best, and that’s our goal, that’s why we choose young masseuses of great beauty, to give them an exclusive preparation.

You can visit for more examples about our sensual massage service, in this case in Madrid (Spain). We work hard to provide the best tantra masseuses for vip customers.

The sky is in your hands, and the hands of our masseuses! Dare you touch it?