Lingam Massage CDMX

lingam massage mexico city

The word Lingam (लिङ्गं) is a Sanskrit term meaning phallus. In tantric sex, precisely, the penis is known as linga or lingam. The philosophy of tantric massage assures that the sexual chakra is in the male genital area. Hence the importance of lingam massage.

The erotic massage for men on the lingam is the one that is carried out in the masculine genitals and in the adjacent zones. The main objective of this massage is to awaken a new erotic attitude in the man, but also to make him relax and lengthen even more the sensation of pleasure he experiences.

How Lingam Massage is performed

Lingam massage is carried out naturally. Man is placed in a lying position to feel even more comfortable. The erotic masseuse will begin to apply a special oil first throughout the body and then specifically to the genital area and surroundings.

Testicles, pubic bone and perineum are then massaged up to the head of the penis (lingam). The masseuse’s technique will be fundamental so that the man can enjoy all the sensations and reach the climax. In general, the massage varies little by little in intensity and can be alternated with small stops.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

The benefits of male tantric massage are more than interesting. On the one hand, it is a practice with which the man will learn to control his ejaculation. The goal is to be able to lengthen the moment of orgasm to be able to enjoy much more moments of pleasure.

At the same time, this type of massage allows the man to discover more erogenous zones. Not in vain, it is a practice that will stimulate different areas of the skin to awaken a series of sensations. In this way, man will discover that there are new parts of his body that he did not know.

This will provoke a revival of erotic desire in man. Sometimes, sexual pleasure is diminished by a series of factors and circumstances. The lingam massage will awaken new sensations that will lead the person to feel the need for the sexual act again.

Finally, tantra massage for men can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels thanks to the increase in endorphins it produces. An aspect, therefore, that moves away from the strictly sexual and connects with people’s own health.

As you can see, lingam massage not only has sexual connotations, but can also be very beneficial to mental health. The sensations experienced invite relaxation and pleasure.

In short, it is a form of pleasure independent of the orgasm, but actually aims to reach it but lengthening the process of ejaculation. The perfect way to expand the capacity of pleasure and reawaken erotic desire.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience this sensual massage for men in Mexico City, few pleasures will take you as far as to feel new sensations as a lingam massage with one of our expert tantric masseurs or one of the male masseurs. Satisfaction is guaranteed.